Polyurethane Physical Properties

PropertyTest MethodResult
Hardness (Shore A)ASTN D-224065-70
Tensile StrengthASTN D-4125.3MPa
ElongationASTN D-412140%
Abrasion ResistanceASTN C501-6614g/1000 c
Flammability RatingUL94HBPass
Coefficient of Friction ASTM D – 1894 – 78Rating
A, Stainless Steel5.69
B, Glass2.9
C, Formica2.52
D, Smooth PVC Floor Tile2.62
E, High Impact Polystyrene2.53
Shelf Life - 12 months when stored at room temperature

All Eazi-stop Bumpers are supplied with a high-performance pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive system, that is resistant to plasticizer attack and will withstand elevated temperatures.


Acrylic AdhesiveTemperature °C
Application Temp4’c to 65’c
End Use Temp-30’c to 100’c

Adhesion Bonding Guide

Surface MaterialAcrylic Adhesive
Stainless SteelGood
AluminiumVery Good
Acrylic PlasticGood


It is important to remember that, as with any self-adhesive product, the surface to which you are applying the Eazi-Stop must be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt and any other contaminants. It is important therefore to clean the surface thoroughly, using a low strength solvent and following the manufacturer’s instructions for safety. As in all applications, it is up to the user to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the product for the intended application.

Stone Chip/Paint Protection Film

Product Description –  A high clarity gloss polyurethane film coated with a clear acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and offers the highest level of protection for a wide variety of painted and unpainted surfaces including laminates, plastics, glass and metal. Easy to apply and maintains its superior performance and durability over a wide range of environmental conditions, protecting against scratching, chipping and abrasion.

Features & Benefits

  • High performance
  • protection tape is ideal for use on a wide variety of surfaces
  • High level of clarity
  • Cuts and installs easily
  • Removable
  • Excels in high heat & humidity
TestTypical value (Metric)Test Method
Product Thickness0.19mmPSTC – 133
Peel Adhesion7.0 N/25mmPSTC – 101
Shear Adhesion24hrs at 15.2 kPAPSTC – 107
Tensile Strength117 N/25mmPSTC – 131
Elongation450PSTC – 131
Product Thickness-0.19mmPSTC – 133
Service Temperature-40°C to 121°C

Typical values are not intended to be used for specification development. Technical data is believed to be true and accurate. We recommend that the purchaser test the suitability of the product for each individual application.


  • 24” (610mm)
  • 48” (1220mm)
  • Custom widths and lengths available, contact for specifications and requirements.

Fitting Instructions

  1. Prior to applying the film please ensure the surface area is cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol
  2. The film can be fitted either dry or by floating on to the surface using water
  3. If using water please ensure all excess water is dispersed from under the film once in position, using a lint-free cloth
  4. This process can be repeated many times. The film forms a permanent bond but can be removed at any time leaving a residue-free surface