Eazi-Guard™ Professional Sealant Spray

Our professional sealant protects any Automotive application for PPF against many everyday challenges like dirt, bird droppings, insect residue and tree sap. Once a kit has been installed, simply apply the sealant quickly with a micro-fibre cloth. The Eazi-Guard™ Professional Sealant Protection is provided in a leak-proof 100ml spray bottle.

How to use Eazi-Guard™ Protective Sealant

Before application, make sure the vehicle is clean and contaminate free and avoid applying the sealant to a hot surface. Apply 2-3 sprays of sealant onto a clean micro-fibre cloth and then apply 2-3 sprays of sealant directly onto the guarded surface. Work on one panel at a time, wipe the sealant into the film using a circular buffing motion and using a secondary clean, dry cloth, finish buffing. Systematically repeat the steps on each panel of the bike until the entire kit is protected. To maintain the effect of the sealant, your vehicle should then be cleaned and resealed on a regular basis.