EZ203 alternative to 3M Bumpon™ SJ5076 


SJ5076 – 8.0mm x 2.8mm

EZ203 – 7.9mm x 2.5mm

Eazi-Stops EZ202 alternative to 3M Bumpon™ SJ5076

Bumpon™ is a trademark of the 3M Company and is not affiliated with Eazi-Stops

Eazi-Stops is a branded division of Hillcroft Northwest Ltd an ISO9001 accredited manufacturer of specialist self-adhesive tapes

EZ203 alternative to 3M Bumpon™ SJ5076- 6.4mm x 1.9mm

PSA Solutions  – authorised stockist of Eazi-Stops Bumper Feet

Self-Adhesive Bumper Feet | KEY FACTS

  • Used as feet, stops, spacers, protectors,
  • Noise and vibration resistant
  • Non-slip
  • Excellent adhesive properties,
  • Excellent heat dissipation qualities
  • Excellent sound-damping qualities,
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Dishwasher resistant,
  • Guaranteed not to leave any marks on surfaces
  • Transparent appearance, Guaranteed not to yellow
  • Simple to apply, discreet and extremely hard wearing
  • 1001 uses around the home or office
  • Produced from polyurethane (highly durable)
  • SJ57B1 alternative

self-adhesive bumper feet | APPLICATIONS

  • Furniture protection

  • Rubber feet for glass

  • POP displays

  • Glass industry

  • Domestic appliances

  • As replacements for laptop feet

  • Exhibition displays

  • Automotive industry

  • Under chair legs

  • Glass table top bumpers

  • Laptop feet

  • Small glass cushions

  • Chopping board feet

  • Many similar applications

Eazi-Stops – Specialist UK suppliers and converters of self-adhesive polyurethane products. Polyurethane bumper feet, Polyurethane bumper tape and Polyurethane stone chip/paint protection film. Our high-quality bumper feet make for a great alternative to 3M Bumpon™

Self-Adhesive Polyurethane Bumper FeetOur standard product range consists of Black and Clear self-adhesive bumper feet, with other colours available subject to minimum order quantities. All our self-adhesive bumper feet are produced to rigorous standards and whilst being commonly referred to as stick-on rubber pads, they are actually produced using the highest quality polyurethane, as polyurethane will outperform rubber in almost every application you can imagine. Our self-adhesive bumper feet are simple to apply, are highly durable and are 100% UV resistant. They are guaranteed not to yellow and will not leave marks on any surface. Our high-quality bumper feet make for a great alternative to 3M Bumpon™

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