Eazi-Guard™ self-adhesive polyurethane stone chip protection film

For race and track bikes stone chips, abrasions, stress fractures and scratches can quickly damage fairings, forks and bodywork. For road bikes, the harmful effects of road salt, tar and airborne particles can dramatically reduce the resale value of your bike.

Eazi-Guard stone chip protection tape is an Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Tough, polyurethane protection film, designed to protect your bike and virtually eliminate damage. The unique properties of our Polyurethane Protection tape enable it to disperse the impact energy of gravel and small stones, bouncing them off and leaving your bodywork untouched beneath.In addition to our standard range of pre-cut kits, we stock pre-cut rolls in

  • 75mm
  • 100mm
  • 150mm

Ideal for protecting.

  • Front forks
  • Chassis rails
  • Leading edges of fairings.

We also produce pre-cut pannier protection kits.

  • Together with 300mmx300mm pieces for Universal applications.  Bespoke kits can be produced for all bikes, our sophisticated CNC Plotters and Cutters enable us to accommodate almost any shape and size.
  • Eazi-Guard protection tape is also, specially formulated, with the addition of Aliphatic Isocyanates and Anti- Corrosion Polymers to offer the best in stone chip protection – no yellowing, cracking, bubbling or peeling, shrinking, creeping, weathering or differential fading – GUARANTEED.
  • Eazi-Guard is supplied in a pre-cut kit format, has high elasticity, meaning that it is extremely conformable around even tight radii and compound curves, making it easy to fit
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