Die-Cut Polyurethane Gaskets/Spacers/Washers – Anti-Squeak / Anti-Vibration

What is a squeak?

Caused by a phenomenon known as stick-slip; this occurs when two or more surfaces have frictional properties where differences in the static and dynamic friction cause a shuddering movement.  When this happens at high frequency, this movement generates a noise or a squeak; often amplified by the component’s resonance.

How to eliminate squeaks.

An isolation material must be employed to separate the two surfaces. Die-cut polyurethane gaskets,  spacers,  washers have excellent anti-squeak properties and are very cost-efficient either in standard or bespoke design.

The choice of material used for this elimination will then be dictated by:

  • Flammability and burn rate
  • Water absorption
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Energy absorption capacity
  • Ability to bond to low energy surfaces
  • Colour Fastness to light
  • Insulation properties
  • Sound absorption

Die-Cut Polyurethane Gaskets/Spacers/Washers are a natural choice for many anti-squeak and anti-vibration applications, especially in applications continuously exposed to stress.

We use highly accurate CNC digital cutting machines, together with the latest sophisticated nesting software, to produce a wide range of anti-squeak / anti-vibration die-cut polyurethane gaskets, die-cut polyurethane spacers and die-cut polyurethane washers.

Anti-squeak applications areas include  – Automotive, Aerospace, Telecom, Electronics, Marine, Defence, White Goods, Communications.

Eazi-Stops are a branded division of Hillcroft Northwest Ltd an ISO9001 accredited manufacturer of specialist self-adhesive tapes.