Self-adhesive rubber feet v self-adhesive polyurethane feet

Benefits of Polyurethane when compared to Rubber Benefits of Polyurethane Polyurethane typically lasts longer than rubber, especially in applications where it's constantly stretched or otherwise exposed to stress Polyurethanes possess high tear resistance along with high tensile properties. Wide Range of Hardness - Polyurethane can be manufactured from 20 SHORE A

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Die-Cut Polyurethane Gaskets/Spacers/Washers

Die-Cut Polyurethane Gaskets/Spacers/Washers - Anti-Squeak / Anti-Vibration What is a squeak? Caused by a phenomenon known as stick-slip; this occurs when two or more surfaces have frictional properties where differences in the static and dynamic friction cause a shuddering movement.  When this happens at high frequency, this movement generates a noise

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Stone chip protection film sealant spray

Eazi-Guard™ Professional Sealant Spray Our professional sealant protects any Automotive application for PPF against many everyday challenges like dirt, bird droppings, insect residue and tree sap. Once a kit has been installed, simply apply the sealant quickly with a micro-fibre cloth. The Eazi-Guard™ Professional Sealant Protection is provided in a leak-proof 100ml spray bottle. How

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DYSS X5 camera guided digital cutter

Our newly purchased industrial cutter, with camera guided cutting facilities is a natural addition to our existing die cutting machinery. It has the facility to cut rigid, semi-rigid and flexible materials, in kiss-cut, straight edge cut or chamfered format. Combined with the K-Cut Vision Pro Camera System, the advanced CAD software enables cost-efficient nesting of

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Car paint-protection film

Paint Protection Film 0.17mm | 0.21mm | 0.35mm Available Thicknesses 1500mm width x 20m length.   A non-yellowing car paint-protection film that is also, ultra-thin, ultra-tough, polyurethane self Healing protection film, designed to protect your paintwork and virtually eliminate damage. The unique properties of our self-healing (PPF) paint protection film enable it to disperse the

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A website should not only reflect

A website should not only reflect a company's product or service. It should reflect their professionalism, business ethos as well as being clear, concise and straightforward. It is the soul of the company displayed in digital format.

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