Eazi-Flex Bumper Tape

Eazi-Flex™ Bumper Tape.

  • Produced in self-adhesive roll format.
  • Variety of thickness, from 0.4mm to 1.6mm.
  • Variety of widths up to 115mm width

Eazi-Flex™  Bumper Tape

  • Has all the performance characteristics of Eazi-Stops™ Bumper Feet.
  • Excellent skid resistance.
  • Excellent Cushioning properties.
  • Excellent Vibration damping properties.

Eazi-Flex™  Bumper Tape is ideal for use as

  • Anti-slip feet and spacers and can be die cut into intricate shapes or gaskets for use in anti-rattle, anti-squeak and anti-vibration applications.
  • Heavy-duty stone chip protection

Eazi-Flex™ Bumper Tape can also be used as heavy-duty protection tape in applications including,

  • Corner protection strips
  • Door kick pads,
  • Leading edge tape on Aeroplane wings, Formula 1 Nose Cones & Barge Boards, Chassis rails,
  • It can also be used as a roll covering to add extra grip in automated machinery applications or as a skid resistant surface on a floor.
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