Bumper Feet Placement Guide: An essential guide for maximin product effectiveness and efficiently from your self-adhesive bumper feet.


Alignment is more difficult with a rectangular shaped Eazi-Stop than a circular Eazi-Stop

circular shaped productRectangular shaped product
(top view)(top view)

Point of Contact

The point of contact provides either a large contact area or a very small (point) contact area depending on the shape of the Eazi-Stop product.

(side view)(side view)
• Increased load capacity
• Better wear resistance
• Increased sound dampening
• Increased energy absorption



The profile is defined by the height and the diameter (or width) of the Eazi-Stop product.

Low ProfileHigh Profile
• Increased load capacity
• Less susceptible to being sheared off substrate
• Better heat dissipation
• Not recommended if sideways shearing is possible


Although not necessary a recess can be beneficial.

• Provides target area for the Eazi-Stops bumper during the attachment process
• Improves adhesive performance: impact absorption and shear strength
• Provides neater appearance
• Provides uniform location