Self-Adhesive Bumper Feet for Telecommunications

Self-Adhesive Polyurethane Bumper Feet for Telecommunications.  – Eazi-Stops Self Adhesive Rubber Bumper Feet are available in Twenty Two different styles and variations. Each of these are made from a reliable Polyurethane (PU) Rubber and paired with a self adhesive backing. Rubber Bumper Feet are most commonly used to give applications more grip and contact with a surface. As one of their most frequent uses, these are often installed onto the bottom of small appliances or home furniture, where they can be used as ‘Rubber Feet For Glass’ to prevent movement (such as a coffee table).

These Self Adhesive Bumper Feet for Telecommunications can be used for all kinds of uses, including as Stoppers, ‘Bumpers’, ‘Bumpon’, ‘Protectors’ or of course as Feet. They can be installed within seconds to an application of your choice and are available in many different shapes and designs. This ensures that we have the best possible style for your particular use.

We stock these Self Adhesive Bumper Feet for Telecommunications in Twenty Two different styles, along with varied sizes up to 22.3mm as displayed below. This includes a choice between either clear or black colour options. For more information around a particular size or product variant, please see the table below.

self-adhesive bumper feet | APPLICATIONS

  • Furniture protection

  • Rubber feet for glass

  • POP displays

  • Glass industry

  • Domestic appliances

  • As replacements for laptop feet

  • Exhibition displays

  • Automotive industry

  • Under chair legs

  • Glass table top bumpers

  • Laptop feet

  • Small glass cushions

  • Chopping board feet

  • Many similar applications

Self-Adhesive Bumper Feet | KEY FACTS

  • Used as feet, stops, spacers, protectors,
  • Noise and vibration resistant
  • Non-slip
  • Excellent adhesive properties,
  • Excellent heat dissipation qualities
  • Excellent sound-damping qualities,
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Dishwasher resistant,
  • Guaranteed not to leave any marks on surfaces
  • Transparent appearance, Guaranteed not to yellow
  • Simple to apply, discreet and extremely hard wearing
  • 1001 uses around the home or office
  • Produced from polyurethane (highly durable)

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