Bumpon™ is a trademark of the 3M Company and is not affiliated with Eazi-Stops

Cylindrical Bumper Feet

These circular flat topped non-skid polyurethane feet provide stability for the application it is on while preventing movement when in use. These polyurethane bumper feet provide space and allow airflow underneath various applications – Equivalent to Cylindrical-Flat Top 3M Bumpon™.

Hemispherical Bumper Feet

These rounded dome shaped polyurethane bumper feet include some of our smallest parts that can be used on applications when less space is available.  – Equivalent to Circular-Hemisphere 3M Bumpon™.

Square Bumper Feet

These square flat topped polyurethane pads have a tapered look that provide the largest surface contact area of any of our products. These feet are often used on the bottom of a product to keep them stable and prevent surface damage. They can also fit into a square cavity. – Equivalent to Square-Tapered Flat Top 3M Bumpon™.

Recessed Bumper Feet

Recessed polyurethane stoppers have a hole half way through the center. The profile is adhesive backed, yet the use of a screw, nail, or staple may be used to fasten the bumper for a more permanent attachment. They are also used for high impact applications such as large door enclosures. Our largest bumper is in this category. –  Equivalent to Cylindrical-Concave Top 3M Bumpon™.

Conical Bumper Feet

These cone shaped polyurethane spacers are our tallest bumpers that can be used to give extra space or height to many applications. – Equivalent to Circular-Cone 3M Bumpon™.