Safety tips for biking over the summer

Eazi-Stops sell a range of products designed to protect your motorbike. Take our tank grips and stone protection tape for example, stick these items on your bike and it’ll look great over the summer.

How do you stay safe over the summer though, especially if you’re a fair weather rider? The warmer weather is popular with bikers, it’s also a time to take extra care, prevent a tumble by taking the following precautions.

1. Go over your bike

Has your bike been in storage over the winter? If so, give the machine a quick once-over and make sure it’s good to use on the road. Check the tyres and tyre pressure then test the brakes and lights. Also, consider having a service if the bike has been stored for a while, this way you know it’s in good mechanical order.

2. Clean the bike

When you are checking the bike over give it a wash at the same time. Clean the bodywork, the tank and clear any dirt from headlights, rear lights and brake lights. Be seen and safe when you head out onto the road.

3. Wear the right clothing

Sure it’s hot over the summer but that’s no excuse to ride a motorbike wearing shorts and a vest top. You might think you look like Tom Cruise but this image will be tarnished if you take a tumble and proceed to rip your skin to shreds along the road.

Even on the hottest days wear protective clothing and don’t attempt to ride the bike without a helmet, whether you are on private land or not.

4. Be extra vigilant on country lanes

It’s tempting to speed on country lanes, especially when the sun is shining. Stick to the limits though and always be on the lookout for sudden build-ups of traffic. The roads are busier over the summer holidays, career round a bend at breakneck speed and you might be greeted by a line of non-moving vehicles.

5. Take extra care after downpours

Roads get a little oily if it’s been dry for a while, all it takes is a sudden downpour and that water/oil mix becomes a lethal combination.

Slow down and take extra care after a downpour, lose grip and the only place you’ll end up going is head first onto the tarmac!

6. Cover the bike in protective tape

Prevent stone chips from scarring your motorbike, use a protective layer of film and keep that tank in pristine condition. This might not be a personal safety tip, but it’ll make you feel better knowing your bike has stacks of protection over the summer.

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