July 25, 2013

Cylindrical Bumper Feet

Bumper feet are often referred to as rubber feet or buffers, however, here at Eazi-stops all of our cylindrical bumper feet are actually made from high quality, durable polyurethane rather than rubber.

Rubber deteriorates over time when exposed to UV light and water; it is vulnerable to abrasion; it loses its resilience and elasticity over time. On the other hand, polyurethane is very resistant to abrasion; it has excellent load-bearing capacity; it is UV and dishwasher resistant and extremely hard-wearing.

When we were developing our range of cylindrical bumper feet we wanted to make sure we delivered a high-quality product that would perform well and stand the test of time. Polyurethane was the obvious choice for us as it out-performs rubber at every turn.

Our cylindrical bumper feet are circular in shape, making them very easy to position and align. Take a look at our full range of cylindrical bumper feet below for the exact sizes and specifications you require.

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