Application and product selection considerations

Load ToleranceThe point of contact provides either a large contact area or small depending on the shape of the Eazi-Stop Self Adhesive Bumper Load Tolerance1

  1. Increased Load Capacity
  2. Better Wear Resistance


Load Tolerance2

  1. Increased sound damping
  2. Increased energy absortion
AlignmentA circular shaped bumper is easier to position and align Alignment1 alignment2
ProfileThe choice of a high or low profile bumper will determine: Profile2

  1. Better heat dissipation
  2. Not recommended if sideways shearing is possible



  1. Increased load capacity
  2. Less susceptible to being sheared off substrate
RecessAlthough not neccessary a recess can be benificial: Recess pic

  1. Provides target area for the Eazi-Stops bumper during the attachment process
  2. Improves adhesive performance: impact absorption and shear strength
  3. Provides neater appearance
  4. Provides uniform location

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