Square Bumper Feet


At Eazi-Stops you’ll find a wide variety of high quality bumper feet in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs, including the square ones listed below.

We use polyurethane to manufacture all of our bumper feet due to its tough, durable, hard-wearing nature. Our square bumper feet are particularly suitable for use on edges and corners where you need a clean line with no chance of overlap.

As with all of our bumper feet, our square ones are available in either clear or black, and come in a variety of different sizes to suit many different needs.

If you’d like to place an order, or simply require some further information then please don’t hesitate to contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Diameter Height Part No Pcs Sheet Pcs Carton
EZ301 black 10.0 mm 2.5 mm EZ301 350 8400
EZ302 black 12.7 mm 3.1 mm EZ302 242 6050
EZ303 clear 12.6 mm 5.7 mm EZ303 242 6050
EZ304 black 20.5 mm 7.6 mm EZ304 90 2520
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