Eazi-Stops Polyurethane Bumper Feet or Rubber Feet

We are frequently asked if we can supply self-adhesive rubber feet and whilst pvc or rubber feet may be used for certain non critical applications, the performance characteristics of Eazi-Stop polyurethane bumper feet, make them a natural choice for protection in more hard wearing and demanding roles.

So, why choose polyurethane over rubber?

Rubber is vulnerable to abrasion.

Rubber will deteriorate when exposed to UV light and water

Rubber will lose its’ elasticity and as importantly its’ resilience.

Polyurethane has high abrasion resistance, superior load bearing capacity, excellent wear capacity and excellent noise abatement properties.

Anti-Slip bumper feet.

We are constantly asked for bumper feet to act as an anti-slip solution. Whilst we have a comprehensive range of Eazi-Stop self-adhesive bumper feet, that will suit most anti-slip applications, we can also produce bespoke die cut self-adhesive bumper feet using polyurethane rollstock, available in thickness’s from 0.4mm to 1.6mm. Contact our sales office for a quotation or a sample pack.

Stone Chip Protection tape – Eazi-Guard – Milan Launch

Eazi-Grip target premier class.

Having established its reputation in British Superbikes, Eazi-Grip is targeting the world’s premier race class, MotoGP, as well as Moto 2, Moto 3 and WSB.
The Leyland-based company provided tank pads for all the leading teams in BSB last year and was proud that its product helped Australian Josh Brookes lift the championship title, according to Malcolm Brassington.
Brassington said Eazi-Grip was developing a new silicon tank grip specifically for the higher braking forces of MotoGP and its European stockists were pressing to set up sponsorship agreements at the highest level.
Eazi-Grip had another reason for taking space in the UK Pavilion at Milan – it was the world launch of its new stone chip protection product. Eazi-Guard is made of polyurethane, and Brassington and colleagues Andy Sherlock and Joe Walton were teaming up to demonstrate the strength of the film, as our picture shows (see below).
Having used social media to alert his 18 existing stockists – in the UK, Australia, the US, Japan and the Far East, the Middle East and Europe – Brassington reported “plenty of interest” in Eazi-Guard, with 15 to 20 enquiries from potential new stockists worldwide.
“Eazi-Guard is virtually invisible when applied to the bike,” said Brassington. “We have 30 bike-specific kits, which will expand to 120 by the summer.
“It’s also available in a universal kit that the customer can cut to shape themselves or fit around panniers, to chassis rails or to the swing-arm.”
The universal kit costs from £47.99 and bike specific packages start at £49.99.
Eazi-Grip tank pads start at £17.99, with sheets starting at £22.99 and bike specific grips at £25.99.

Eazi-Guard launch Milan image


Safety tips for biking over the summer

Eazi-Stops sell a range of products designed to protect your motorbike. Take our tank grips and stone protection tape for example, stick these items on your bike and it’ll look great over the summer.

How do you stay safe over the summer though, especially if you’re a fair weather rider? The warmer weather is popular with bikers, it’s also a time to take extra care, prevent a tumble by taking the following precautions.

1. Go over your bike

Has your bike been in storage over the winter? If so, give the machine a quick once-over and make sure it’s good to use on the road. Check the tyres and tyre pressure then test the brakes and lights. Also, consider having a service if the bike has been stored for a while, this way you know it’s in good mechanical order.

2. Clean the bike

When you are checking the bike over give it a wash at the same time. Clean the bodywork, the tank and clear any dirt from headlights, rear lights and brake lights. Be seen and safe when you head out onto the road.

3. Wear the right clothing

Sure it’s hot over the summer but that’s no excuse to ride a motorbike wearing shorts and a vest top. You might think you look like Tom Cruise but this image will be tarnished if you take a tumble and proceed to rip your skin to shreds along the road.

Even on the hottest days wear protective clothing and don’t attempt to ride the bike without a helmet, whether you are on private land or not.

4. Be extra vigilant on country lanes

It’s tempting to speed on country lanes, especially when the sun is shining. Stick to the limits though and always be on the lookout for sudden build-ups of traffic. The roads are busier over the summer holidays, career round a bend at breakneck speed and you might be greeted by a line of non-moving vehicles.

5. Take extra care after downpours

Roads get a little oily if it’s been dry for a while, all it takes is a sudden downpour and that water/oil mix becomes a lethal combination.

Slow down and take extra care after a downpour, lose grip and the only place you’ll end up going is head first onto the tarmac!

6. Cover the bike in protective tape

Prevent stone chips from scarring your motorbike, use a protective layer of film and keep that tank in pristine condition. This might not be a personal safety tip, but it’ll make you feel better knowing your bike has stacks of protection over the summer.

5 Places to stick bumper feet

Protective bumper feet are perfect for a wide range of uses and we like to think our feet are some of the best in the industry. If you are stuck for ideas of where to put our bumper feet though read this article and it’ll tell you neat places to stick the feet.

  • Furniture: Stick bumper feet to the bottom of wooden legs on tables or chairs and they’ll protect carpets and wooden floors. Stop chairs screeching across the floor with the simple to use feet and you’ll prevent surface scratches from appearing on real wood, laminate or vinyl floors. Bumper feet are great for drawer fronts, just stick them on the reverse side to prevent the drawer from slamming into the frame. You can use them on kitchen doors as well, just pop them on the back and the doors will close much gentler in the future.
  • Lamps: Attach a few bumper feet to the base of lamps to stop them from scratching wooden table tops. Give your lamp a little lift and provide the base with a cushion that can be placed on a variety of surfaces.
  • Glass sheets:  Bumper feet are useful for glass covers on desks, chests of drawers and coffee tables too. Place the feet on the underside of the glass to raise it slightly and stop the surface underneath from becoming scratched.
  • Cooker covers: Got a cover on your hob that makes a clunk when it closes? Place bumper feet on the frame of the cover and you can close the lid without a sound in the future. Bumper feet are brilliant for cushioning noise on a wide range of products and cooker covers are the perfect example of where they can be used.
  • Laptop lid: Slam a laptop shut whenever you have finished surfing online? Prevent this problem with bumper feet, close the lid with care from now on and prevent accidental damage to the computer.

Bike Protection

Eazi-Guard Stone Chip Protection Tape is a clear polyurethane film which when applied to your Mountain Bike, Roadbike or Motorbike will protect the most vulnerable painted surfaces from stone chip damage.

The basic principle of the protection effect is based on the  very flexible but extremely resilient surface of the PU tape. This  assimilates the impact energy of the floating particles and absorbs  these or distributes the impact to a greater area.Sand, gravel  and small stones that would quickly damage many surfaces, just bounce  off this very tough tape.

When applied it is invisible, hard wearing and extremely long lasting and is UV resistant so will not yellow in the sunlight.

Bumper Feet Die Cutting Facility

bumpertape 1. Seite, oben

Bumper feet now available in die cut format.

The recent addition of a fully automated die cutting machine has increased our production capacity and reduced delivery times on our range of custom bumper feet. With tooling charges from as little as £300 we can now produce bespoke bumpers, cut from bumper tape in a range of thickness from 0.4mm to 1.6mm.

Contact our sales office on 01772 459931 for further details or a competitive quotation.

Bumper Feet die cut from Polyurethane Rollstock.

We are constantly asked for rubber feet to act as an anti-slip solution. Whilst we have a comprehensive range of Eazi-Stop self-adhesive polyurethane bumper feet, that will suit most anti-slip applications, we can now produce bespoke die cut self-adhesive bumper shapes using polyurethane rollstock, available in thickness’s from 0.4mm to 1.6mm. Contact our sales office for a quotation or a sample pack.