Squeaks occur when two or more surfaces have differing frictional properties and movement takes place. When this happens at high frequency, this movement generates a noise or a squeak. Often this is amplified by the resonance of one or other of the components.

To eliminate these squeaks, an isolation material must be employed between the surfaces, commonly known as an anti squeak tape or anti rattle tape. This can be provided in the form of a general purpose felt/flocking tape, or in more demanding applications, the application of a self adhesive polyurethane strip or bumper:

Two rolls of Felt Tape 25mm x 47.5m

Felt Tape 25mm x 47.5m

1 Roll of  UHMW Tape 25mm x 33m

UHMW Tape 25mm x 33m

Die Cut Polyurethane Pieces

The choice of material used for this elimination will be dictated by:

  1. Flammability and burn rate
  2. Water Absorption
  3. Abrasion resistance
  4. Energy absorption capacity
  5. Ability to bond to low energy surfaces
  6. Colour fastness to light


The performance characteristics of polyurethane make it a natural choice in the elimination of squeaks and rattles, it is incredably durable and hard wearing and has excellent abrasion resistance.  We have polyurethane bumpers available to cover all aspects of sound management, from intricate die cut pads to bespoke strips and even sheets.  Eazi-Stop bumpers can be produced in any size, shape or format.

For further information, our sales office will be able to advise you on the performance characteristics of all our Anti Squeak Tapes & Anti Rattle Tapes. Please complete our  online enquiry form, or contact us direct and speak to our sales office, on 01772 459931, who will be delighted to assist you.