June 2, 2013

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Company History.

  • Established in 2008. We quickly gained a reputation as a leading polyurethane converter and launched our range of Eazi-Stops bumper feet – Manufactured to exacting tolerances and of the highest quality. 
  • 2011 we introduced our range of polyurethane Eazi-Grip performance tank grips, now acknowledged as the foremost European tank grip brand and endorsed by professional race teams in both the British and World Superbike series
  • 2013 we introduced Eazi-Guard stone chip protection tape, a premium quality, polyurethane protection tape with unique properties to enable it to disperse the impact energy of particle damage.
  • 2014 we introduced our range of Eazi-Flex polyurethane bumper tapes, ideal for conversion into slit rolls or die cut pads, strips washers and discs and available in a multitude of thickness from 0.4mm to 1.6mm.

In fact, due to the incredibly tough nature of polyurethane as the raw material our bumper feet were to become the product of choice in a number of Industries, as they are extremely hard wearing and durable. In comparison with materials such as rubber and pvc they possess excellent sound dampening, anti slip, anti skid and anti vibration properties, they also permit heat dissipation, have a superb coefficient of friction and are crack resilient. Eazi-Stops bumper feet are manufactured to exacting tolerances and are of the highest quality. All of our bumpers are rigorously tested: they are guaranteed not to scratch or mark any component surface, are 100% UV resistant and will not yellow with age.




 In 2011 . We have developed a range of self-adhesive tank grips that feature different profile surfaces that offer high levels of grip, combined with exceptional rider feel. We have over 150 model specific grips to choose from, available from distributors in over 40 countries worldwide and give full technical back up from our experienced staff, who have track, road and race experience.



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A further addition to our range of polyurethane based products came in February 2013 . The unique properties of Eazi-Guard™ protection film enable it to disperse the impact energy of gravel and small stones, bouncing them off and leaving your bodywork untouched beneath. Eazi-Guard protection tape can be applied in a variety of applications and is a truly flexible and innovative addition to our range.

Eazi-Guard launch Milan image

In 2014 we launched Eazi-Flex polyurethane bumper tape, a pressure sensitive self-adhesive polyurethane rollstock, ideal for conversion into slit rolls or die cut pads, strips washers and discs, for use as skid resistant feet on electronic equipment,domestic appliances, computers and many other desk top items.  Eazi-Flex bumper tape has excellent skid resistance, due to its’ high coefficient of friction and can also be used as a roll covering in automated applications to add extra grip to rollers or as a skid resistant surface on a floor. It is incredibly durable and hard wearing and can be used as door kick pads and corner protection strips. It also has numerous uses in cushioning and vibration damping applications in washer or gasket format.

Eazi-Flex Bumper tape and die cuts

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  • Quality – Our products are guaranteed not to yellow or harden with age
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