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Polyurethane Protection Tape

We are a polyurethane specialist and not only do we offer high quality polyurethane rubber feet, polyurethane motorcycle tank grips we also provide a completely transparent polyurethane protective film that can be used on your bicycle, motorbike and car.

You tell us what you need it for, how much you want and we will try our best to meet your requirements. We  currently sell our protection tape in pre cut bicycle packs, rolls and even by the metre.

Contact our sales team with your enquiry our tape starts at just £2.99 for 1 metre by 25mm, email for further details.

Picture below shows our pre cut MTB pack for a bicycle


5 reasons to fit tank grips to your bike

Mad about bikes? So are we at Eazi-Stops and that’s one of the reasons you’ll find Eazi-Grip tank traction pads on our site. We think they’re wonderful, they’re a real bonus for bikers and we’ve listed some of the main reasons you should invest in a set of tank grips if you love riding your bike on the road or on the track.

Tank grips

Prevent movement: How many times do you move about on your bike involuntary? Bet you slide forward quite a bit under heavy braking or shift position without wanting to when you tackle a sharp bend. Tank grips prevent this from happening. They’re made from clever hemispherical traction domes, give you tons of grip and provide you with greater stability when you’re going up or down the gears.

Reduce tiredness: Tank grips are renowned for reducing rider fatigue, you feel more comfortable on the bike, have greater stability and this is less taxing on your body and mind. Fit a set of tank grips and arm pump is reduced, wrist ache is eliminated and you feel less tired too.

Protect your paintwork: Tank grips prevent your paintwork from getting damaged by leathers and they give your bike an extra leather of protection. Stop scratches and scrapes from appearing on your bike and use the grips to keep your tank in pristine condition, it’ll be one of the smartest things you do.

Are non-damaging to leathers: Tank grips are kind to your leathers too so you don’t have to worry about them scuffing, tearing or looking old before their time.  You can ride your bike with confidence knowing the grips will do their job and your leathers will still have plenty of life left in them.

Are easy to apply: Tank grips are applied in a matter of minutes and you can choose black or transparent options to blend in with your bike’s paintwork without masking decals or logos. There are two shaped versions and ‘cut your own shape’ varieties that are easy to fit and ready to use within a short space of time.

If you love biking you’ll adore our range of tank grips at Eazi-Stops.