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Polyurethane Motorcycle Tank Grips

With over a 100 different bike specific grips to choose from plus our universal range, our sister company Eazi-Grip™ provides the best in tank grip performance. High quality polyurethane knee pads that have been designed alongside BSB teams, Eazi-Grip tank grips are soft and durable so they won’t damage your leathers.

UV resistant to stay crystal clear on your paintwork our grips will not yellow or harden with age. Our sponsored riders include Michael Niblett, James Hillier, John Simpson, Graeme Gowland plus more see our sponsorship page for further team details.

Starting at £17.99 with our largest set of grips at £29.99 all our pads are available in either Black or Clear. With distributors available in Poland, Australia, France, Germany, The Netherlands, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland and here in the UK please click here to take you directly to our website to find out further information and how to buy.

Rubber Feet

We are constantly asked for rubber feet to act as an anti-slip solution. Whilst we have a comprehensive range of Eazi-Stop self-adhesive bumper feet, that will suit most anti-slip applications, we can now produce bespoke die cut self-adhesive bumper feet using polyurethane rollstock, available in thickness’s from 0.4mm to 1.6mm. Contact our sales office for a quotation or a sample pack.


5 places to stick rubber feet

Protective rubber feet are perfect for a wide range of uses and we like to think our feet are some of the best in the industry. If you are stuck for ideas of where to put our rubber feet though read this article and it’ll tell you neat places to stick the feet.

  • Furniture: Stick rubber feet to the bottom of wooden legs on tables or chairs and they’ll protect carpets and wooden floors. Stop chairs screeching across the floor with the simple to use feet and you’ll prevent surface scratches from appearing on real wood, laminate or vinyl floors. Rubber feet are great for drawer fronts, just stick them on the reverse side to prevent the drawer from slamming into the frame. You can use them on kitchen doors as well, just pop them on the back and the doors will close much gentler in the future.
  • Lamps: Attach a few rubber feet to the base of lamps to stop them from scratching wooden table tops. Give your lamp a little lift and provide the base with a cushion that can be placed on a variety of surfaces.
  • Glass sheets: Rubber feet are useful for glass covers on desks, chests of drawers and coffee tables too. Place the feet on the underside of the glass to raise it slightly and stop the surface underneath from becoming scratched.
  • Cooker covers: Got a cover on your hob that makes a clunk when it closes? Place rubber feet on the frame of the cover and you can close the lid without a sound in the future. Rubber bumpers are brilliant for cushioning noise on a wide range of products and cooker covers are the perfect example of where they can be used.
  • Laptop lid: Slam a laptop shut whenever you have finished surfing online? Prevent this problem with rubber feet, close the lid with care from now on and prevent accidental damage to the computer.

Become A Wholesaler

With fantastic wholesale prices enquire today to discuss how you can become a distributor of Eazi-Stops bumper feet.

Wholesaler Benefits:

  • Discounted Distributor Rates;
  • Own Brand Packaging (Subject to minimum order quantities);
  • Full access to image library and product data;
  • Tracked deliveries using Parcelforce Worldwide;

email us for further information or call the team on 01772 459931